Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When you don't get your running in

Make it a priority. You can slack off later, not now. The toughest part of getting into the habit of running is now, so don't give up.
Running is not really hard. The hardest part about running is getting out the door.

It's good to have a vision of your goal. And while it's common for women to keep such goals in terms of pounds or kilos, I'd suggest your vision to be something like "Come December I've kept running for 4 months". If you stick to running, your body will thank you by toning up.

Obsessing about weight is torture. Running is pleasure. It might not feel like it now, but you'll get there. If you keep it up.


  1. My goal is to run with my brother over Christmas break.
    I tried the losing pounds, but that just gets disheartening.

  2. I am a bit late joining in, but in 10 min I am heading out to my first run ever ! Thank you for the support and inspiration !

  3. I made a nike+ "goal" to do 300kms in 16 weeks. I am 17.4 k behind target! But heading out now. My other goal is to fit into some black skinny jeans.... hopefully running the 300k will sort that one out too?


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