Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So, how are you doing?

And who are you? I'd love pictures of you or the place where you run (mail, mark subject:rookie) Are you there? Are you getting your three half hours?

ps. I still think I might cover one rookie up close. Just haven't decided who yet. You're all very interesting.



  1. I've got one done. Planning on one tonight. Then one more on Friday or Saturday.

    A woo hoo!


  2. I did one last night, planning one for tomorrow morning, and Saturday. Hopefully I'll get my Nike+ gear this weekend! I'm in the Detroit area, also concerned about the winter!


  3. I've learned something about my Nike+:
    -If you stop moving for more than a minute, ie you stop to chat, the workout pauses itself. Learn from me and double check your display when you start to move again...otherwise you will lose that mile home. Rats!

    -I love my Nike+ Mini Me. It sounds crazy, but sometimes I will go work out just to get that cartoon off her butt & I like her victory dance. Since E said "tights"--I thought "Fine, Mini has to wear them too."

    -I bought freakin' tights as a symbol of solidarity...and ordered a bra.

    I'll take pics tomorrow on my walk.


  4. YES! I love these reports. Winter worriers, look through the december, january and february pages on If we can get through in Scandinavia, you can in the US and Canada.

  5. I have meaning to run for like the past 10 years...each time I drop it...each 3 months ago. I was so in to it...this time i want to succeed, even if I have to go with my baby,,,I am on maternity leave for 4 more months so i am saying to myself no excuses for time...I just want to really have that feeling that everybody is talking about..I want to be fit and lose my baby weigt, I want to feel that freedom. I hope I will this time...once and for all.


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