Thursday, September 17, 2009

A word on joining this group

You don't have to apply anywhere. You're already in. I'll keep posting stuff here, all you have to do is read (and move your body).

Come next week, I'll start our first challenge.
I'll tell you how to join then. Don't worry about this just yet. Just get out there and get moving.
I can't stress this enough: finding the time and getting used to getting out on the trail or on your treadmill is the biggest obstacle. Everything else has a way of sorting itself out.


  1. Hi! I would like to try! I've wanted to run for a long time, but I hate it. I think I hate it because I stink at it and I like to be good at things. I also hate it because I'm a bit out of shape. So, I'm thinking maybe I can learn to like it and get in shape. I would like to remain fairly anonymous but still participate...I'm a little shy! My name is Lauren and I'm a law student in Washington, DC. I'm getting married in a year and looking to shape up! Looking forward to Monday!

  2. Lauren... I know what you mean! I get frustrated with things I'm not good at. But maybe we can learn to like it... and to be good! I'm a new nurse in NYC... and congrats on the engagement!


  3. I hated it too. I took up running after my third child was born. It was a struggle the first months. But then I started to like it, little by little. That's why you're all here. I'll cheer you on during the first hard months.


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