Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What you'll need

  • The Nike+ kit and a Nano, iPhone or iPod touch
  • A good sports bra.
  • Running tights. I hear your protests - you look big in them, you're not comfortable wearing them. Bla bla bla. You know what I say? Get them. I believe one of the most effective ways to stop women from reaching their running potential is our own tendancy to wear sweatpants on workouts. Don't do it. There's enough to fight when getting your running going without adding excess textile material to the list.
  • Good shoes.
  • Running socks. They are expensive, but work in a ritual way. You should wear them only when running. They signal that you take this as seriously as you should.
  • Personally, I also wear (and swear by my) orthotics. If you have bunions or any kind of knee/foot/back problems it could be a good idea to see an orthopedist before you start running for real.
  • If you're a man, chances are great that you think you'll need a Garmin 405 as well. But so far, only women have signed up for this thing.
Yes this is a lot. But it's an investment in yourself.


  1. I have everything but orthotics. I do have a knee brace that my physical therapist has advised me to wear as I keep up the rehab. I purchased the sportsbra a year ago and it has made a huge difference. It really is crazy how much better everything feels.

    My running shoes and running socks are ONLY for running, it would feel weird for me wear them any other time, they do make me feel serious when I get on the tights, sports bra, socks and shoes before I head out for a walk, now I just need to put them on more often.

    Thanks for the equip list.

  2. I desperately need to find a good sports bra.

  3. Shoes...went to Road Runner and they have something really cool, a treadmill, camera and computer to help you determine what you need in a shoe. Highly recommend this approach, avoided picking based on color, sale price or name brand. Because they are not Nike, I got a little bean holder-on-er.

    Oh, no way--hell no to the tenth power on the tights thing. I have to run in the DAYLIGHT. I know these people who live here...consider it community service for those with vision. Emi, you are cute and adorable...I am taking after the Scottish Umpa-Lumpa people.

    I'm in the need new bra camp. Fuller busted friends? Ideas?

  4. I actually found a sports bra for my 34D chest. Lululemon is where I found it.

  5. This is the bra I got and I love it. I have it in a 38DD


    Moving Comfort Fiona.

  6. Allison- Bendon do good big cup size sports bras. And by big sizes I mean serious big sizes, like 10G. etc. They're kinda hard to get on, but once you're in, you're in!

    Also I bought the tights.... they kinda make you look slimmer on... maybe...or maybe it was just the mirrors at Rebel Sport.

  7. Miss Zoe are you in Australia? I too did buy tights at Rebel today :) I'm all set.

  8. On behalf of the "girls" thank you for the "support" ideas.

    I forgot about Lulu..I'll try them and Title 9.

    I'm a 30 DDD.

    Zoe, I want that mirror at Rebel! I'll try a pair on based on your experience. :)

    Thanks everyone,

  9. hey Leah I am in Melbourne! Where are you? which tights did you get? i went for all black adidas.... after realising the stella mccartney adidas ones were wayyyyy more expensive that I thought. damn.

  10. I'm in Sydney :) I got Running Bare basic 3/4 tights. I have an old pair and loved them so for the price ($34.95) I got 2 pairs. Hoping with more pairs I will have less of an excuse not to go because there will be less chance of all my workout gear being dirty.


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