Friday, October 16, 2009

Befriend the hills.

If you're running on the treadmill, skip this.

Do you have a hill you detest? A hill that makes you take a detour on your run? A hill that stops your flow as you feel you have to switch to walking?

I'm telling you now: Love that hill. Make it a point to run up it, ever so slowly, tip toe up. Personally, I admit to imagining I'm a small steam engine pulling a train up the hill puff puff puff. I've heard others say they're pretending to be mountain goats. Whatever your strategy, get up the hill. Hills build strength and stamina.

I had a hill I hated. I made a detour then one day decided to think the other way. "This hill is good for me". I worked worked worked on that hill. And you know what? The other day when I was out running, I was so deep in my thoughts and music that I didn't notice the hill until I was running down from it!

Feel free to slap me for going all Oprah on you, but this stuff works.

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