Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New challenge

It's the 5k. If you make it this week, fantastic, if not, make it your goal to do so before Christmas.
You can. You will. I believe in you!


  1. Ahhh I have also had a calf problem over the last week but I am going to try and run 4k today after a bit of a break.
    I will try to get to 5k before I leave on my trip to Europe on December 19! I am going to Sweden, Spain and the Czech Rep for the first time on this trip - exciting!

  2. My computer fried a few weeks ago so I haven't been able to update my status, but I've been running pretty consistently. Actually ran a timed Thanksgiving 5k here in Detroit yesterday and finished at 39 minutes. I ran almost the entire course, other than the bottlenecks where I was forced to walk! It felt amazing and I was able to eat everything I wanted at Thanksgiving dinner too! Thanks for the inspiration!


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