Monday, November 2, 2009

Rookie running in Canada -Gillian

Gillian runs with us in Canada. She writes "I live in Canada, so it's starting to get cold and rainy. In combination with all my schoolwork, I've completely lost motivation for running. But this week I'm hoping to force myself to run. Wish me luck!"

GIllian, I'm cheering for you. Go running go running. You'll clear your head and it's always better to be inside if you've been outside first.


  1. I too have temporarily fallen off the wagon - but will climbe back up on it when I get home tonight. I think I need to start my run off with calibrationg my Nike + though... i think it's off.

  2. is anyone else annoyed with the new version of the nike website? it keeps making me log in... the old one always remembered me!

  3. The new Nike+ site doesn't work all that well for me either. It keeps switching my settings to private and not public..



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