Monday, November 16, 2009


are you already running 5 k?

Hellena K, lina_2111 and nutmegfitz, we're cheering for you!
COME ON. YOu can do it! It's less than half an hour of your life. Get out there.


  1. I am trying, but couldn't manage the 4km yet... Hopefully this week - I am so close.

  2. Me too - my lungs gave out at 3,4 yesterday :(
    I'll get back on it tomorrow though! Tonight: danceclass!

  3. I have hurt my calf somehow so I am falling behind! I am really worried about catching up. It might be another week before I can get back into it, and its been a week already.

  4. miss zoe! don't worry. one week won't make such a bog difference.
    heal! heal!

  5. I did it! And it didn't feel taht bad, there was avtually a little bit of energy left in me at the end. What a difference compared to Sundays run. It's amazing how differently the body can respont to the exact same thing.

  6. Zoe - I did the same thing a few weeks ago and have been gradually building back up (I'm the world's slowest anyway). I found that I really had to work to be patient with my body so that I didn't make it worse by over doing it while healing. The most important thing is to listen to your body and treat it with respect - although I did notice I was getting a bit angsty without jogging to keep me in 'the happy place' :). Good luck and happy healing! oh, and I found that a compression wrap helped a lot.

  7. Thanks Genevieve!- it is slowly getting better but I get more and more anxious about how crap I will be when I get back into it, and I really miss it! Which at least reassures me that I will get back into it, and not just give up.

    I hope to start a bit of a jog/walk thing again in a few more days.

    really appreciate the help! Thankyou!

  8. zoe, perhaps you can do other exercise that's not as hard on the calves while waiting for it to heal? Swimming? by all means do not give up! Set your goal: 5 kms comfortably by Christmas, or, if the pain continues, by Feb first. Don't stress! There is no stress. Gradually let running become a thing in your life, not just a temporary thing. Also perhaps go see a doc/physical therapist to see what can be done.


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