Sunday, December 13, 2009


Please set your profiles to public. If you don't I will remove you from the challenges.


  1. i thought i had set mine to public ages ago but i must not have done it correctly...i just fixed it, i think.

  2. Hi. My name is Larissa and i would love to join your challenges. I am a 're'- beginner, as in i used to run everyday but haven't for about 4 years. I found your site trying to work out what to wear to go running as I just moved to Norway from hot Australia and running in anything more that shorts and a tank is a little intimidating. I can run 3km straight at the moment and am looking for the motivation to get me up to 5km stretches in the next month or two - your group sounds perfect! My nike+ name is 'LissiBergen'. I tried to search 'runwitherook' on nike+ to contact you but I couldn't find you, I hope it is ok to write here. :)

  3. Hi fellow rookies,

    anyone else struggling with motivation? I ran today after a few days off, and it felt lumpen and uncoordinated the whole way. Usually it is only a few minutes until I hit my stride, but not today!


  4. Hi there!

    I'm interested in joining the group, is that still possible? I've just started running so I'm a bit behind but would really appreciate being part of a larger group. I just set up a profile on Nike and am picking up the equip this week.

    Portland, OR


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