Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear rookie runners

Until Nike changes their page, I can't run this thing. It's been great seeing your progress. Make running a priority and great things will follow. I thought about it yesterday when I went to the gym and looked at myself in the mirror - half an hour of running 3 times a week (on average) has changed my body making it tighter stronger leaner.

And that's not even why I run! I run because for 24 hours post running I feel so good. Sometimes, most times, it even feels good during the actual run.

If you're there, you know what I mean, if not you'll get there, if you just keep on running.


  1. Thanks Emi! You've been great!!!
    Nike + on the other hand, are not taking care of their brand. Booo!

  2. Hellena! How is your running coming along?

  3. Happy new year everyone!

    thanks for all the encouragement Emi. Miraculously, I'm still running!


    PS, I agree. The new Nike+ site is not working well.

  4. Running has taken a back seat to tripple(!) colds - but I have every intention of getting back into it when I loose this caugh. I may have to try it out indoors though, due to the freezing temperature (-16 C today).

  5. Thanks emi- I have recovered from my injuries and am almost back to where i was, and I'm really enjoying it.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks for getting me off the ground (or couch more literally, I suppose ;) ). I can't believe how much I enjoy running and the happiness it brings. Thanks again and happy bounding!

  7. Hej Emi!
    Jag tänkte lära mig springa nu i vår. Kände att det var dags, hoppas att Nike+ löser det här nu så vi kan sätta igång snart!

    Tänker du slussa de f.d. rookiesarna till Run with E..? Jag kan nog inte springa 5 km nämligen, inte än i alla fall!

    Hoppas allt är bra annars!

    Kramar Anna(francofille på Nike+)

  8. I haven't been running all winter, but now that the large amounts of snow are beginning to melt away I'm thinking about it again. Is Nike+ thinking about getting into shape?

  9. :-( I am too late for the challenge??????? Starting a new one???

  10. Yesterday I found your site (via 101 Cookbooks), and today I started running.

    So excited – I have been harbouring a desire to run for years and thanks to pilates fixing an old injury and finding your blog I can now begin. Thank you!!


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